This website has been set up for Sikhs worldwide and to provide information on how to network with like minded Sikhs. We have been writing online since 2007 and felt the quality of Sikh websites out there do not target what Sikhs really want from an online publication and hope to become the largest read Sikh online portal.

Sikhsonnet was created out of the need for a more diverse and fair Sikh owned media outlet as others are quite restrictive in their viewpoint dedicated to one group or subset of people Sikhsonnet will be all of the Sikh panth worldwide regardless of background and demographic.

By providing this outlet for Sikhs worldwide we hope to bring to the forefront the real unity we Sikhs require and often preach about but do not perform this website is for young and old alike.

We welcome feedback from our readers and will take all suggestion onboard and into consideration and welcome all forms of contribution to this online portal.